Why the LossAndDamageFinanceNow! Campaign 

The Climate change's negative impacts are the daily reality! Our generation faces the most significant challenge, and we cannot see the future amidst the planet crisis!

From flooding, cyclones, sea level rises, wildfires, storms, drought, desertification, land degradation, and ocean acidification – extreme weather events are more frequent and increase in severity yearly.  The severity of weather events are fueled by climate change which results from anthropogenic activities, as proved by the current science reports.  

Everyone is exposed to climate impacts however the vulnerability is disproportionately distributed; the ones who contributed the least to climate change are the ones who are suffering the most from climate-induced impacts. 

Loss and Damage refer to the negative climate change impacts beyond adaptation or mitigation. Since 1992 small island countries have demanded concrete action to be taken to protect the frontline community; since then, promises have been made, but none has been met. The loss and damage have its mechanism adopted in 2013 and received recognition in the Paris Agreement in 2015, but the progress in meeting the needs of the frontline community is glacial. 

The ultimate call was to establish a finance mechanism to support the frontline community to address the non-economic and economic impacts resulting from the climate change impacts.  It is unjust that the frontline community, especially in the global south, are paying the cost of loss and damage; it is still the ability of the world to achieve sustainable development for all.  

Loss and damage need its own financial mechanism. This finance needs to be new, additional, adequate and accessible for addressing loss and damage for the frontline community, primarily the global south community. History proves that developed countries and fossil fuel companies are the ones who contributed most to the cause of climate change; hence they should take a firm step to provide the finance to address climate change impacts. 


Establishment of an additional, adequate, new, and accessible finance mechanism to address loss and damage for the frontline community, especially in the global south. 

  • The Peoples power: Expand and build a borderless movement to demand equitable finance to address loss and damage
  • The People demands: Pressure global leaders, developed countries, the UNFCCC secretariat, and all relevant institutions to commit to loss and damage financing
  • The People narrative:  Strengthening the lived experience of loss and damage to normalize its understanding through media on a national and international level
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