Guideline for Video Stories

To create a quality video for the campaign the following stages are involved: 

1. Preparation

This is the first step in the process of creating a video. In preparation for shooting the video you ideally should

  • Develop your script: For this campaign, your script should contain answers to the following questions
    • What is your name and country? 
    • How has climate change affected you or your community or what climate change event do you want to talk about
    • Why the need of loss and damage finance 
    • What is your key message to decision-makers or youths, etc?  
  • Decide on the location for the shoot 
    • For this campaign, any location of your choice works fine as long as it's free of background noise. 
  • Assemble your equipment 
    • Any device works fine for the campaign, you can use a camera or just our mobile phone. 

2. Shooting Video

When shooting the video, you can try to ensure the following 

  • Ensure you place your device vertically (portrait mode) 
  • Your eyes are focused on the camera and this is to ensure that you maintain an in-camera eyeliner which is best practice in video-making. Below are screenshots to help you understand what an in-camera eyeliner is: 
  • Ensure your camera is as close as possible to your face. This will ensure you maintain medium or medium close shots which are the best practices. Below are examples of what a medium and medium close shot are: 
  • Ensure there is no background noise
  • Ensure your lightening is good 
  • Speak clearly slowly, and to the point in your native language, or a language you feel comfortable speaking
  • Make the first 30 seconds as impactful as possible 
  • 1-minute max (general recommendation) for solo videos

3. Review

This is the last stage where you review your video to ensure you have followed the guidelines as much as possible. To do this you just need to look at the checklist below to see if you captured all the elements listed. Once you validate your video has all the elements listed below, then you can go ahead to submit your video: 

Video was recorded vertical
Your eyes were focused on the camera 
Your camera is as close as possible 
There was no background noise 
Lightening is good 
You're audible enough 
The video was 1-minute long 
The content of your video answers the questions above
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