Guideline for Written Stories

Below are some helpful information to help you submit a quality blog or other written piece

1. Blog

The blog should be centered around Loss and Damage Finance or Loss and Damage at the very least.

The Guideline provides a recommended structure and review checklist to ensure you write an impactful blog. 


For text-based blogs, a good length for a final draft is 700–800 words, roughly divided as follows: Introduction (50–150words); Body (400–500words); and Conclusion (50–150words). We can use subheadings (usually) and bullet-point lists (sometimes) to steer the reader through the text. As a result, your blog needs to contain the following 

  • A headline/tittle 

Your headline must be catchy and meaningful so readers can be lured into looking at your content. A catchy headline should be short, simple, to the point and sometimes this should include the keywords and the focus of your blog. 

  • An introduction

Here you introduce what the blog is about and why it's important. As a rule of thumb make sure you maintain the use of simple words throughout so your readers can understand easily. 

  • Body 

Here is where you introduce your opinion and also what you want your readers to do. 

  • The End

Here you try to show how your opinion is relevant to the topic of the blog which was introduced at the start of the blog. 

  • Add a Quality Image 

To really engage the reader, you need to add at least one image which must be appropriately credited if it's a secondary sourced image. 


  • Decide on a topic relevant to loss and damage or loss and damage finance 
  • Follow the structure above and ensure your blog contains all the elements listed. 
  • Once you are done with your blog review it to ensure you have the following 
    • Intext and list of references if applicable 
    • Grammatically correct sentences. This can be achieved by proofreading or running the blog through free software like Grammarly
    • A short bio of the author if possible 

2. Other Written Piece

Others written piece can be but not limited to quotes, poem, written story

The written should be centered around Loss and Damage Finance or Loss and Damage at the very least. It should well structured, short, and to the point.

The written story should be your personal/community story and should include the following

  • Your full name and country
  • How climate change has affected you or your community?
  • Why the need of loss and damage finance?
  • What is your key message to decision-makers or youths, etc?
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