Guidelines for Audio Stories

Audio stories can be in two categories and you can use the guidelines below to help improve the quality of your audio story

1. Solo recorded message

  1. Try to be somewhere quiet
  2. It shouldn’t be more than 1-minute
  3. Avoid movement with your device while recording and if possible ensure the device is static while recording 
  4. You should answer the following questions 
    1. What is your name and Country? 
    2. Why you are recording
    3. How has climate change affected you or your community or what climate change event do you want to talk about 
    4. Why the need of loss and damage finance 
    5. What is your key message to decision-makers or youths, etc?  

2. A recorded Podcast Interview

  1. Should be centered around Loss and Damage Finance or Loss and Damage at the very least 
  2. There should be no background noise 
  3. Length of the podcast should be a maximum of 30 minutes 
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