Traumas from Cyclone Tauktae

From: South Gujarat, India | Date: December 27, 2022

Written by:

Sarthak P. Thakur

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When the warm, moist air over the ocean rises, it creates a lower air pressure below, which forces the surrounding air to follow. Eventually, this cycle takes the form of 'A Tropical Storm'. When this storm reaches a windspeed of more than 100km/h, it officially becomes a hurricane or cyclone.

Cyclones are of different types depending on their size and wind speed. For Scientists, those might be fascinating numbers and data. But for an ordinary man living near the ocean, it's much different!

After an announcement is made, It's only a matter of time before the inevitable loss of lives and destruction of property comes! 

"At the center of any catastrophe is a common man! The rich have several options. The poor don't!"

What goes through one's head when they are informed to evacuate? When they are informed that their house might not exist in a week? The same house, that a poor farmer spent their whole life building, brick after brick! the same house, a fisherman returns in the evening to rest, after a hard day in the harsh sun!

My city was hit by 'Cyclone Tauktae' in May 2021.  It was one of the largest cyclones in the previous 100 years. The cyclone didn't know much mercy; with furious winds of 220km/h, it killed 174 people and over a hundred were seriously injured. Destruction cost society 2.1 Billion Dollars! Mostly the poor that suffered!  

I remember staying awake the whole night with my friends, shivering in fear, praying that our house would not fall! Fear made us imagine and feel, things I never hope to experience again. The intense panic and fear spread across the city the same way a forest fire spreads in a drought-dry forest!

The nightmares felt more like hallucinations and later became a reality! On the last day, hours after the cyclone started to fade away, people sighed in relief as most of our houses stood in the storm. But not everyone was as lucky as others.

The Local Police department was flooded with phone calls from people crying tears of blood as they reported their loved ones missing. The youth had to stand up, to support the cleaning, rescue, and food supply services. I had been part of climate groups for two years back then: ith connections in the Community, we were able to provide some support for the Damage relief process. 

Young people always suffer the consequences: they pay a high price, not with currency or gold, but with their childhood. Every time a Climate Disaster occurs, poor children are non-voluntarily required to support their families. They are forced to work daily wages to feed themselves, losing the opportunity to go to school and receive an education in the process.

They are required to grow up and take responsibilities that they weren't supposed to! It's fair to say, The Climate Change isn't equal for all! The Rich are the safest ones, and the Children from the MAPA (Global South) are the most vulnerable ones. This is why we need Loss & Damage Finance so that the 8-year-old who lost his parents in 'Cyclone Tauktae' can have a bright future! So that no child is forced to work, and has a right to a future. 

"We need Loss & Damage Finance! And we need it now!”

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