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March 8, 2023
Loss and Damage Finance Campaign Youth Voice: Abdulmajid Abubakar

My name is Abdulmajid Abubakar and I was opportune to study Natural Resource Management and Climate Change at the Center for Dryland Agriculture (CDA), Bayero University Kano at the master's level in 2017.  As a youth from the global south, I understood the realities of life. And how we exploit the available scarce natural resources […]

December 28, 2022
Pickering Jeffery Fiji's Story on Loss and Damage in Fiji

Pickering Jeffery Fiji shares a lived and recent experience of loss and damage in Fiji

December 28, 2022
Loss and Damages in Nacamaki Koro, Fiji.

Lawaka Viasi a resident of Fiji shares on the loss and damage in Fiji as a result of extreme weather events

December 28, 2022
Fears of Non-economic Loss and Damage i Fiji

Tiim Paul Edward's pieces highlights the threat of tradition and cultural losses as a result of climate change in Fiji

December 28, 2022
That shore is heartbreaking

Our world suffers daily from different situations and circumstances that have come about due to human actions. One of which is this global phenomenon we know as climate change. This is a story about how my land is being affected by climate change. I come from Rewa, the smallest province in the Fiji Islands. Rewa […]

December 28, 2022
Impacts of Erratic Rainfall on Agricultural Production in Togo

The agricultural sector is particularly affected by climate change. It is important to find solutions to climate-related challenges. The challenges are many: desertification, land degradation, drought, floods, and water scarcity. All countries in the world are practically exposed to these climate hazards. Togo is no exception.  The situation in the south of Togo in Lomé […]

December 27, 2022
Traumas from Cyclone Tauktae

When the warm, moist air over the ocean rises, it creates a lower air pressure below, which forces the surrounding air to follow. Eventually, this cycle takes the form of 'A Tropical Storm'. When this storm reaches a windspeed of more than 100km/h, it officially becomes a hurricane or cyclone. Cyclones are of different types […]

December 27, 2022
There Is No Calm Before the Storm

Juliet had never heard her mother curse before. Such obscenities were usually restricted around her 8-year-old ears.  “Shit man, Andrea! What you mean the line is out the door?” Juliet’s teenage sister Andrea had embarked on the journey to the supermarket earlier that morning to stock up on canned and dry foods and bottled water […]

December 27, 2022

Flooding is the covering by water to an extent of submerging land and properties that is usually considered dry.  Weather/climate patterns have a strong influence on when and where floods occur. The land management practices in the upper catchments may also contribute to the enhancement of surface water run-off and flooding and an unplanned human […]

October 25, 2022
My Climate story is intertwined with my identities

My Climate Story begins with my ancestors crossing the Kala Pani (Black waters) Atlantic Ocean from India to British Guiana as part of the Indentured Servitude. Some came through being captured, some because they were promised lands in British Guiana, and most came without understanding the contract they had signed. My ancestors came to replace […]

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